Kaonix Solutions Limited is a privately owned company which, through both organic growth and a number of strategic acquisitions, has become the UK's leading and most innovative recruitment technology company.

Kaonix was originally known as e-cruitnow limited which in 2000 developed the UK's first integrated multi-posting and applicant tracking system. Over the last fourteen years, Kaonix has continued to create innovative business solutions that are designed to deliver sustained competitive edge, yield rapid return on investment and have maximum impact.

The primary business drivers for the creation of Kaonix continue to be a combination of our pro-active approach to anticipating the needs of the markets that we serve, together with an on-going commitment to our existing customers of continually exceeding their expectations. Long gone should be the days when software suppliers can flog a piece of software in a highly prescriptive fashion - simply because it is the only tool that they have in their kit-bag and regardless of whether the customer actually needs it or not! Our customers, prospects and the market in general are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Quite rightly, they are demanding an impartial service from a true solutions provider.

Building on the impressive track record that we have gained from successfully delivering projects to date, customers are happily extending the scope of our engagements and inviting us into critical areas of their business as a trusted adviser. Whether it be leveraging their existing investment of time, effort and money by integrating some of our proprietary technologies with their legacy systems, or procuring other third party solutions on their behalf, their trust and confidence in our capabilities has been well earned and is much respected.