Many businesses today are constantly striving to better-manage their recruitment processes. They are seeking more efficient, scalable, cost-effective solutions to improve their online offering which will help enhance their employer brand and reduce their reliance on recruitment agencies. For many, doing so has become mission-critical; without better, quicker, simpler processes they will lose out on the best talent and fall behind their competitors.

Implementing the right talent management system for your organisation, like any IT procurement process can be very confusing and complex. However, unlike most systems on the market, our talent management solution is fully customisable and integrates seamlessly with your existing legacy systems. This not only promotes a consistent brand image for your company, but uses your existing application process, workflow, response and follow up correspondence systems and links to your HRMS, social media, psychometrics, reporting tools etc. Our system fits in with your organisation, not the other way round.

Applicant tracking and vacancy advertising

As a highly efficient, scalable and easy-to-use vacancy management and applicant tracking system, our talent management solution puts an array of useful functions at your fingertips:

  • Advertises vacancies quickly and easily - enter a vacancy once using the intuitive vacancy form (or can be imported directly from your HRMS, select the job boards, social media you want to advertise on and the system automatically posts the vacancy in real-time to your chosen locations.
  • Channels applications from all sources into one place and speeds up time to hire - pre-screens, filters and scores applications from your website, job boards, social media and supply chain partners quickly, consistently and easily.
  • Automates time consuming and repetitive functions - by communicating with candidates throughout the process, you are less likely to lose applicants to competitors as they will know exactly where they are in the process and equally importantly whether they are no longer under consideration.
  • Identifies issues in advance - a fully customisable workflow system gives accurate, clear information and enables you to manage your recruitment process and highlight potential issues, eg. you may be losing great candidates because hiring managers are taking 10 days to select shortlisted candidates for interview.
  • Adapts to changing needs as you learn more about their target audience - Real-time enhancements can easily be made by the user enabling the business to re-configure the system eg. scalability, new divisions/regions can be added, adapt workflows, communications with applicants, etc.
Reduce recruitment advertising spend and agency usage:

Our talent management systems are specifically designed to reduce the number of vacancies you need to advertise. For every role you currently advertise, you can only hire one person. This means that applicants who just missed out or were not quite right for that role can be lost to the business. When that next role comes up, rather than going to the time and expense of re-advertising, how about quickly revisiting those previous applicants who fulfil your criteria? And how about being able to identify a previous applicant who actually has the skills set needed for a slightly different position?

  • Talent Pool automatically stores and qualifies every application you receive, and with advanced matching software, you can pinpoint suitable applicants for all new or similar roles, saving time and money.
  • Reduce advertising costs - a suite of clear, simple reports provides you with the metrics you need to identify the most cost effective advertising channels (including your own web-site and social media) for your vacancies depending on role types and time of the year.
Branded Career-sites and configurable application forms
  • Enhance your employer brand - integrated with our sophisticated responsive (works with any mobile device) career portal, which is fully branded to form part of your own website. The jobseeker experience is second to none and enables you to provide applicants with an excellent service and initial perception of your business.
  • Contrary to popular belief, job applicants do not mind completing application forms; what they dislike is completing generic application forms and having to re-enter information which is in their CV. Our system enables you to easily build bespoke application forms for each different role type so that applicants are asked relevant questions pertaining to the role for which they are applying; the fact that our customers typically enjoy application completion rates of between 88-92% speaks volumes in terms of the importance and effectiveness of treating applicants as valued customers.
  • All application form questions can be reported on for further detailed analysis, for example diversity monitoring or identifying the key areas where applicants are failing in the application process.
Vendor and Supply Chain Management

Successful businesses recognise that effective recruitment means using a blend of channels to support their in-house direct sourcing activity. This includes using recruitment agencies, training providers, work programme providers and specialist organisations who work with disadvantaged people. Our integrated Vendor Management System (VMS) enables you not only to forward vacancies electronically to the relevant partner for each role but also ensures that partners only submit candidates with completed application forms.

  • Automate time consuming and repetitive functions - by communicating with candidates throughout the process, you are less likely to lose applicants to competitors as they will know exactly where they are in the process and equally importantly whether they are no longer under consideration.
  • The system manages and reports on the effectiveness of your supply chain partners for example, responsiveness, quality of candidates submitted, number of vacancies filled, number of assignment accepted or declined